Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Opportunities are always there

People are always looking for that next big thing and waiting to jump all over it. Trying to find that get rich quick scheme and retire early. We think that opportunities are only going to come in this prepackaged box or it's going to be so big we can't miss it. But opportunities are always there and in every size. It's the people that take the time to respond to that email, be friendly and ask questions who get the breaks. They are always listening, asking and aware of their ever changing environment. Winning the game is mostly staying in the game and never giving up. I use to think that to get my work done or get a head I needed certain things in place, or I needed to live in a certain area for it to be possible. I always felt that where I was and what I had was stopping me from getting ahead. Only if I lived where the things where happening and only if I could buy that thing everybody else had. Those are excuses that were stopping me, not my situation. We are capable of greatness from anywhere at anytime, we just need to want it and believe it. A lot of times the greatest things that happen to us just happen without us even noticing. And we only notice after we go chasing something bigger, only later to look back and see what we left behind. It's always hard to pass on great opportunities in favor of others that don't seem so great. But it's even harder to chase the wrong one and wish you could go back.

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