Friday, January 25, 2008


If a person is truly focused and ready for success then they are truly focused and confident in their personal life as well. To reach your goal then you must be focused on that goal so there has to be little to now distraction that can interfere with that determination. What I'm getting at here is that you first need to have your house in order, this means having your affairs, surroundings and mental state. Your affairs would include relationships, family, pets and any major interaction with others.

You need to have positive relationships in your life so that there is no added stress to take away from focusing on your goal. I'm not saying you are to ignore or lower the importance of these relationships, what I am saying is that they need to be in a positive state where they don't drain you emotionally and bring stress into your life.

For you to reach your goals and stay focused you must be in a positive state of mind and always be confident in yourself. You need to not just be confident but also trust yourself. This is very important because when we are confident in ourselves and trust ourselves then we open our minds to creativity and solutions. You feel you can do no wrong and even if you choice goes down the wrong path you find away to turn it around and bring yourself closer to your goal.

This is the one I can see a lot of people asking me why, but here it is, you have to be organized and clean. Your surroundings have to be like your mind. This is a very important part of reaching your goals. If you have a disorganized home then that adds stress in ones life. If you have to spend time trying to find things in clutter then that is adding stress in your life and taking away from your focus. If you home is messy then every time you try to relax in there you can't because you are always stressed about having to clean. So with all that added stress you are taking away from your focus. You are also bringing negative thoughts in your mind. You always feel there "isn't" enough time, there is "too much" to do, you'll "never" get it all done, what's the point it's only going to get messy again. All these is negative and taking over you positive thoughts and focus. You can read a little more on this here on the left side of the page:

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Actions are words!

I was finding myself trying to impose this positive movement onto another and in doing so I was pushing them away. I realized that trying to teach this outlook can be taken as negative when it's done in a downward way. Then I closed my eyes and just thought until it was clear. Actions are more powerful than words, obviously this is not a new concept, but to see it so visual was moving. The most dominant place I've seen this process was in Jordan. After reading his book "Driven" it was just so pasted all through the book how he believed in letting his actions show who he is, and he used those same actions to let others see where he was different from them. By using your actions to be positive to others, to always look at the bright side of things, and to show others how you control your own life, then they too well see it's a better life to live. Knowing your own limits, which are none, is important in showing others who you are. Right now I'm on my way to Vegas, suppose to be there at 10am, but because of delays I'm on TO airport until maybe 8pm tonight, but I'm going to let my actions show how I'm happy and because I'm with my wife I'd rather be no where else. What action are you going to do today to show others how you always see that bright side?

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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Why am I Happy Today?

I always have to give credit where it's due and the below email came from Sean Fahey of Belts and Beyond. There is a positive movement going on through BB and pretty much everybody who they come in contact with. It's an extremely enlightening experience, one that I feel can not be ignored or dismissed. To prove on person what was happening I had Sean call him the other night to just have a chat. After the call it was amazing to see how the power of a positive mind had effected a basically happy normal guy. There is much more to this than just thinking positive, it's about controlling your life and living it to the fullest. Check Sean's little email to me that he wanted me to pass along to all of you.

Are you happy Today? Are you truly Happy today ? I have to ask you this question today because everyone always chases after happiness but I dare to ask you.... What NEED do you have that is not fulfilled in your life that prevents you from being happy?

Think about it? Why are you unhappy (if you are)?

If you still find a NEED unfulfilled what are you waiting FOR?

FILL THAT NEED NOW! and then ask yourself

Why am I Happy Today?

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