Monday, February 25, 2008

What Time Is It? - NOW!!!

I just finished watching the Peaceful Warrior ( This movie is so in line with the process of being self aware and living in the moment. The process of moving forward and aiming for your goals is not about reaching your goals but about the path that takes you there. Each step along the way is a moment, and every moment is what matter in your path. Living in the past or focusing on the future is putting your mind and state in a place that doesn't let you live, it puts in you in a place where you are trying to live outside yourself. I wrote a while back about how you can never reach your goals because once you get there you are always going to want more, but it's also because once you reach your goal that is the NOW, but then time moves and you move with it. That goal is then the past and I'm not saying it's forgotten but that it's a lesson that is to be used for your next goal. In the movie they say the three most important things:
1. Paradox: Life is a mystery; don't bother figuring it out.
2. Humor: No matter what circumstances, do not lose your sense of humor.
3. Change: Do not be so sure in life; anything can change.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Gossip is Negiative

We already know how it is when you get that piece of juicy info about somebody other than yourself and you can't wait to get the details and then pass it around. What's super hard is when you only get parts of that info and you are dieing to hear it all. This isn't right and it's a habit that most of us have and need to control. There is a reason shows like ET, TMZ and all those celebrity shows do so well, but because it's big business doesn't means it's right. True control is being able to stop that eager to want to know more and feed on others mishaps. We should only concern ourselves with issues that involve us or the ones we love (ie. kids, parents, partners, etc.), if anything is outside of that group and is only meant to hurt them then we should avoid getting involved at all. If the person who the issue surrounds wants to talk to us then we have an opportunity to be there to listen and help. But outside of that gossip is not a god thing and it's only intention is to hurt and be negative. We each need to be in control of our own lives and be comfortable with who we truly are. When we are always honest and in a state of awareness we are untouched by rumors or doubts. If you can trust yourself and be confident in your ablities then nothing can break you and better yet .... nothing can stop you!!!!

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Friday, February 15, 2008

Inner Thoughts

Hey everybody, Sorry for not staying up to date on this, I just got back from an awesome vacation/work in Vegas. Also, I've been tracking my thoughts and stuff more in a personal journal on my laptop so that I can have instant access to write things as I feel them. The thing about this is that they have becoming more personal and it's a little bit of a struggle to want to put everything out there to the public. Remember that this email also ends up on my blog which is open to the world. What I've been finding is that each person is themselves, they all take on this process in their own way and as much as it does take a 100% commitment from yourself it also takes time. It takes time not just for yourself to adjust but also for others around you to adjust. Again "Actions are Words" if you are farther in the process of trying to always be self aware and stay in a positive state at all times then you understand that it's never about what others think of you but how you accept yourself. It's also about not forcing yourself on to others but to let them have their eyes opened at the speed they are comfortable with. I want to write all my stuff here but there is something holding me back to being so naked to others. But once again as I type more and more I can see myself slowly letting it out. Here is one that I wrote to myself last week while in Vegas:

February 13th
I felt a sense of awareness and control yesterday. It was an awaking
moment to see yourself the way others do and to be happy about it. It's
never about being the man anymore or being the hook up. What the
thrill is now is simply being in touch with yourself and feeling control
of yourself. There is no situation that you don't have control of the
outcome. You determine every aspect of your own life and you have the
power to alter the experience. My days are filled with happiness,
success, joy, confidence, belonging, peace, and pure love. Thank you!

I encourage each of you to pickup your own notebook and write out your thoughts. It's an awesome experience to let them out. The easy part is writing, the hard parts are then re reading them or even reading them out loud (try it in the mirror :).

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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Smart Choices

I need to raise my glass to Martell and his vision in using BaseCamp. I’ve stolen the idea from Spheric to use this unbelievable tool for my belt company (I also use campfirenow, we're moving to gmail, and setting up a wiki) No company should be without this product or at least some sort of project management tool. What blew me away was when I just looked at the url for a file I had uploaded. 37signals have made the smart choice to use Amazon’s storage system S3.

Smart companies using smart tools … what a smart simple idea.

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Friday, February 1, 2008

Business is a form of laziness

Today it's just me writing. Right now I'm reading the 4 hour work week and it is blowing my mind. One thing I've read and made note of is "Business is a form of laziness". This is something I've always believed and now I've found it in a book that backs it up for me. Why is it so? Making yourself busy just to feel productive is a waste of time, and we do it because we are avoiding more important tasks that we think are too hard. When we are doing things we need to take note and think hard about what we are doing. Is what we are doing being efficient or effective. It's good to be efficient but are those things we are getting done making a difference and bringing us forward. Effective things help us eliminate those repetitive things we keep doing. Think about how many times you check your email. Do you really have to be looking at it every 10 mins, or can it wait another couple hours. I would argue that there is noting so important coming in every 10 mins that needs to be done then and there. All those 10 mins add up fast, and take away time from the important tasks that need to get done. Try it tomorrow, only check your email once an hour, then the next day only every 2 hours. Push this until you are only opening your email every 4 hours. You just saved yourself about an extra couple hours a day to get more done. And when you are doing those things make sure they are efficient things that helping you eliminate those repetitive things. Next thing you know you have a ton of free time to spend doing more of what you love. This is a very high level down to earth example of what is in the book, and I'm sure it's a little different than what the book says, but it's close enough for me to preach it and help spread it. try and let me know the results.

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