Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Gossip is Negiative

We already know how it is when you get that piece of juicy info about somebody other than yourself and you can't wait to get the details and then pass it around. What's super hard is when you only get parts of that info and you are dieing to hear it all. This isn't right and it's a habit that most of us have and need to control. There is a reason shows like ET, TMZ and all those celebrity shows do so well, but because it's big business doesn't means it's right. True control is being able to stop that eager to want to know more and feed on others mishaps. We should only concern ourselves with issues that involve us or the ones we love (ie. kids, parents, partners, etc.), if anything is outside of that group and is only meant to hurt them then we should avoid getting involved at all. If the person who the issue surrounds wants to talk to us then we have an opportunity to be there to listen and help. But outside of that gossip is not a god thing and it's only intention is to hurt and be negative. We each need to be in control of our own lives and be comfortable with who we truly are. When we are always honest and in a state of awareness we are untouched by rumors or doubts. If you can trust yourself and be confident in your ablities then nothing can break you and better yet .... nothing can stop you!!!!

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