Monday, February 25, 2008

What Time Is It? - NOW!!!

I just finished watching the Peaceful Warrior ( This movie is so in line with the process of being self aware and living in the moment. The process of moving forward and aiming for your goals is not about reaching your goals but about the path that takes you there. Each step along the way is a moment, and every moment is what matter in your path. Living in the past or focusing on the future is putting your mind and state in a place that doesn't let you live, it puts in you in a place where you are trying to live outside yourself. I wrote a while back about how you can never reach your goals because once you get there you are always going to want more, but it's also because once you reach your goal that is the NOW, but then time moves and you move with it. That goal is then the past and I'm not saying it's forgotten but that it's a lesson that is to be used for your next goal. In the movie they say the three most important things:
1. Paradox: Life is a mystery; don't bother figuring it out.
2. Humor: No matter what circumstances, do not lose your sense of humor.
3. Change: Do not be so sure in life; anything can change.

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