Friday, June 10, 2011

Remember your way

We all end up somewhere in life, and we are all there right now. To get to where we are a lot of things had to happen, knowing and unknowing.

If good things happen to us and we fall on good fortune, we quickly look back at the things "We" did and we don't always think about all the people and events that had the biggest influence on our outcomes. We are always in some control but God and the people around us are the main factors in forming our reality.
  • I switched buses with a friend many years ago, and I was in a big accident. Not a good moment but it lead to my then ex-girlfriend, turning into my wife of 12 years and mother of my 2 perfect girls
  • I started studying business, and then a uncle told me about Y2K issues in programs so I switched to computers. Now I'm a self-employed consultant and love every minute of it.
  • I didn't want to leave Newfoundland, but a uncle (same uncle) offered me a job away. I still miss home but I could never do what I do today from back home. And my wife would of never meet her best friend.
  • I meet new friends who became business partners and convinced me to start a company. That resulted in some unhappy moments (many more great ones), but those low points changed my path and lead me down a much nicer one. I always treat the bad as lessons instead of mistakes. It helps you get over it and learn faster from it.
The most amazing part about it all is that it isn't just the things that happen to me, but it's all the things that happened to people around me to put them in the situation with me.

I like to look back at all the different, small and big items that shape our lives as they are now. It's crazy how somethings that seem so small (a text, email, etc.) could be the reason behind some of the biggest factors in our reality.

Nothing is chance and everything happens for a reason and when we are open to those chances/change great things happen to us.

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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Keep Moving

Sometimes it's very hard to just keeping going and getting past the pot holes, but there's always a way. When life hands you those times when you think "it can't get any worse than this", just think about how you are still here and even able to ask that. So as long as you are breathing and alive then there is always a way to keep moving forward. Everything happens for a reason, there is a lesson to learned from everything we go through. The people that succeed and prevail are the ones that take those lessons and grow from them. Moving forward is always the only option to making your dreams come true and to be truly happy in everything you do

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