Thursday, January 10, 2008

Actions are words!

I was finding myself trying to impose this positive movement onto another and in doing so I was pushing them away. I realized that trying to teach this outlook can be taken as negative when it's done in a downward way. Then I closed my eyes and just thought until it was clear. Actions are more powerful than words, obviously this is not a new concept, but to see it so visual was moving. The most dominant place I've seen this process was in Jordan. After reading his book "Driven" it was just so pasted all through the book how he believed in letting his actions show who he is, and he used those same actions to let others see where he was different from them. By using your actions to be positive to others, to always look at the bright side of things, and to show others how you control your own life, then they too well see it's a better life to live. Knowing your own limits, which are none, is important in showing others who you are. Right now I'm on my way to Vegas, suppose to be there at 10am, but because of delays I'm on TO airport until maybe 8pm tonight, but I'm going to let my actions show how I'm happy and because I'm with my wife I'd rather be no where else. What action are you going to do today to show others how you always see that bright side?

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