Monday, August 23, 2010

Success is Planed

As much as people talk about good / bad luck, in the end it's us who bring it on ourselves. When you land that great new job it's because of the things you've done to get there. You got good grades, took the right classes, meet the right people and just focused on seeing yourself there.

I read Outliers: The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell and at first I really felt disappointed by the book and how it said nothing is by chance. If we look at the greatest people in each business, sport or whatever there is a clear history of events that lead them to be great. Looking back this makes sense but it doesn't give up hope for people like myself. What I learned is that you need to always be thinking about where you want to go and doing everything you can to get there. If I want to be a hockey player then I play hockey non stop. If I want to great in business then I need to be reading, meeting the right people, and completely put myself in that life.

I read a blog this morning from this guy Darren Hardy called "It Doesn't Just Happen" it's a great read and this one line really stuck out to me: Everything in one’s life is in direct proportion to the attention, effort and importance given to it.

The difference between good and bad luck is how bad you want something. We always see stories of people that beat all odds to rise up and get what they want. And we also see people that have it all and then loose it. If you want it you have to make it happen.

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