Sunday, January 25, 2009

Learn and Teach

I've begun to move away from relying on the daily guru to help me write these messages, I've become more comforable in my own thoughts and I'm cofident in what I write. And that is the topic for today. As a person starts to leran more and understand what they believe in then they want to share it with others. All I talk about is staying positive and focusing on your goals. Everyday I wake up I say I'm going to have a great day and then I thank god for my wife and kids. Then I review my goals and prepare foe the day. Each day I so this and send these emails I become a little more comfortable and confident in myself. And the more cofident I become then the more I want to pass it along. I don't want to preach or force it on people I just want pass I'd along an how others see my pasion and drive. And I hope others are moved to focus on their goals and live a positive life. I find a lot of people are reluctant to try and think this way because they feel embarrassed or funny about being happy all the time. Society has taught is that it's ok to leave things status quo or that you need to be negative about stuff. But this is wrong! You need to strive for better, you need to look for the good in things and you need to always be moving forward towards your desires. We have the ability to dream so that we can see the things we truly want in our lives. Day dreaming is a just a form of visualizing your goal and focusing on it. Go take 5-10 minutes and see what your future holds :)


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