Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Forget the excuses

"Today can be a day full of excuses and regrets, or it can be a day full of progress and achievement. The choice is completely up to you." - Ralph Marston - Daily Motivator

The choice is yours, always yours. I hate hearing people say, "You're making me do this". We each live our own life and we control our own life. I know I write this a lot but it's so true. So this is my first blog since making my own big choice, and here I am happy of the choice I made. It was tough to make and everybody else told me to do it, but my gut told me no. And in the end it's my life and my own choice to make. I know other great opportunities will present themselves to me and some already have.

I just watched the A-Team movie (loved it), and I love Hannibal's quote:

I believe, no matter how random things may appear, there's still a plan,”

because live is not chance and the things that happen to us are of our own doing, so we need to embrace each moment and learn from each lesson. Things happen for a reason and if we learn from them then we'll always be moving forward in the direction we are suppose to, as long as we live our life right and make our own choices.

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