Tuesday, July 6, 2010


"By doing what you must do, you learn what you can do. By learning what you can do, you raise your expectations." - The Daily Motivator

It's crazy when you are presented with a situation in life that is outside your norm, and you conquer it. The feeling of doing something that is not normal to you and being good at is such an amazing thing. This simple concept was never something I knew much about until one day we decided to start our own company. That act in itself a big step outside the comfort zone, but being self employeed and providing for my family has put me in more uncomfortable situations than I can think of.

"It's comfortable to stick with what you know. Yet the time will come when just doing what you already know you can do won't be sufficient." - The Daily Motivator

The biggest lesson is learning to trust yourself in any situation and knowing you are capable of almost anything. We are people living in the same world and sharing the same experiences. Any of us are capable of doing great things, as long as we are willing to try them.

We should never wait for those uncomfortable situations to find us, but we should be out finding them and putting ourselves in them. We reach an age where we feel we are grownup, but in each of us there is so much more growing we can do.

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