Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Voice to Text

Man, talk about a punch in the stomach. Not even a year ago I was in the Jeep with Cory and Rick throwing out ideas and this was one that made us stop and think. A phone service where you call up and leave a message, then have that converted to text. The idea was to have a service where I can call up and verbally write my blogs, create emails, text messages, etc. For a more premium service I could have it done by a person instead of a machine. I would also pay to have an address book and maybe store images and signatures on the system. Imagine it being plugged into Outlook or for finding my contacts. But once I again I was beaten to the punch, not because I never acted on an idea but because my focus is else where (Spheric & Belts).

Read the article here from TechCrunch.

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