Saturday, March 15, 2008


Focus is the key to everything. I came to an awaking moment today and realized I don't think I've ever been really focused on something. I know I get focused on short term goals, and I get extermly focused under pressure. But as for have a long term goal and really sticking to it and only thinking about that one thing has never happened to me. My issues are pleasing others and not thinking I'm smart enough. I avoid controlling positions and as much as people think I love to cause trouble I truly don't like confrontations. What happens is I get an idea and I want to run with it but I'll let other get me working on other things or I'll let others make me think I'm going down the wrong path. I know I'm headed for something great, and I know I'm going to bring myself there, I just need to learn to trust myself and stay focused on those big items that are going to get me there. From now on, I am my own person and I am heading in the path that is going to lead me there. One thing I've changed in my approach is the voice my opinions even when I think they are simple. Being a consultant I should already know that others are not that smart and even my simplest ideas are still great ones. So I've removed embarrassment and shyness from my emotions. I can recognize them but I know how to overcome them. Here are some of my long term goals I've had forever:
1. be financially free at age 37
2. write a book (or screen play ;-)
3. do stand up comedy
4. be a keynote speaker

There are others but these have been in my mind and even writen down for a long time. I have business goals also but I can't seem to bring those to focus as easily. I know being a owner of a billion dollar company is there, and run that company with as few people as possible. Rewrite the way management and business is run when compared to companies of the past (we on that path already, look at Spheric, Belts & Beyond, and the latest addition to the model Martell Home Builders). All of these are running on the same base model. To over take any industry and be able to apply the same model is mind blowing to me. To take a retail company and make it run the same way as a tech company is amazing. Anyway I guess I do have goals in the business world that are focused, I just get so much more excited about them and I live them every day I don't see them as goals but my life.

Anybody want to let the group know what their goals are? Business, personal, etc. Lets share them and help each other reach theirs. To get a ton of online support check out

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