Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Virtual Code

I just finished reading this article, click here, on cnn.com and I have to write this before it’s already done. Back in university, winter 1998, I had a vision of how virtual reality could help me as a coder and I dreamed of that day ever since. I pictured sitting down to a desk that only had a keyboard, googles and a pair of gloves. When you slip on the googles you saw your icons floating there, and all you had to do was touch them. The code aspect is what I long for. Where all these lines of codes are floating there in snippets all around you and all you do is reach out grab it, and then you type on your virtual keyboard and finish the program. We all love our double monitor setups but imagine a full 360 degree of indefinite space to fill as you see fit, with everything literally at your fingertips.

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