Monday, February 23, 2009

Leadership Puzzle

I watched my kids put together a puzzle today and along with a leadership meeting the same day it all clicked.
I watched my kids as the oldest would look at the picture on the box and tell the youngest to put all the cat pieces together. She told her friend to put all the edges together and she asked me to put the sky pieces together. My oldest was the only one that knew that the final picture should look like, so each of us were just following instructions and putting out own parts together. Once we each completed our parts they all just fit together and made the pieces look like the picture on the box.
What a concept that leader knowing the end vision, telling their direct reports how each department should look and the department lead using their teams to put it together. It's how a company should work and flow, just like putting together a 1000 piece puzzle withe more than one person involved.
I know this is a common comparison but to really get it and put it to practice is the key.

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