Sunday, February 1, 2009


I thought about the importance of removing stress to free your mind a little more this morning and last night. As a developer/BA I'm confronted with issues all day, and I have to come up with solutions. Most times we are required to get the answers right then and there and it's possible most times because there is a team of minds working together (the importance of a support team, without it we fail), but those times you are by yourself are the hardest. When you do solve it it's more rewarding to know you did it on your own, but it's a harder road to take. But the true key to solving those big issues is to walk away, and take some relaxation time. Time limits, pressure, unknowns, distractions, are all stress and negative things that block the way to the solution. I look at it like walking through the jungle. You dive right in and there are things blocking your way and keeping you from seeing the end of the path. I compare walking away from the issues and taking time to clear your head to be like using a machete to clear a path and make your walk through the jungle easier. (man this email is out there, but I'm going to keep going :). You need that time away, no matter how important things are you need to step away and take time to clear your mind. I write this because I see people that are focused on that end so much and they want to get there but they are more finding themselves just trying to keep up. keeping up is stressful, you need to find your own pace and keep it going steady. As you get more confident and comfortable you can speed up, but until then you need to just stay your own pace and your support team needs to be there to hold you hand and keep encouraging you. Just always stay focused, were focused means just thinking about your goal and having it in your mind. Even when you are slipping cocktails on the beach your goal is still in your mind somewhere and when you are in true relaxation is when you find away to to 3 times closer to your goal with one step.

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