Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Positive in Public

Being positive and happy all day is easy when you are surrounded by people like minded, or better yet when you are by yourself. The true challenge comes when you have to interact with others. People in general are all good but they mostly find comforted in negativity. People love to complain, it's the common knowledge that we can all agree on. As good as our intentions are to be positive allot of people don't respond well to it, allot of them think "they think they are better than me", but don't be discouraged. If you keep your spirits up and stay in a positive state, you'll see the little gifts and rewards that are yours to take. I always get upgraded on my flights, I always get a suite at the hotel or a nice car. These are simple things that show that my positive attitude is showing and giving me a return. Nothing feels better than getting that little reward and knowing that it was all because you said please and thank you. As I said most people want to be good, and when they see genuine kindness coming their way they'll respond the way you want.

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