Wednesday, April 1, 2009

You don't have to ask permission to succeed!

You don't have to ask permission to succeed!

What a statement with so much truth. Take a moment and think about it ......... you don't have to ask permission to succeed. I don't know what to say other that it's all about just doing it and getting it done. If you can reach that goal then who's going to be upset, who's going to be yelling at you, who's going to care how you got there ... NOBODY! They are going to be excited that you did succeed and made that goal come to life.

The quote comes from one of my top must read books, No Excuse Leadership. Now there are several other great lessons from this book, but the main focus is that you just have to do it. Nothing is easy and only those prepared to work hard are going to win. I wrote more notes in this book than anything else before.

Some lessons taken from this book:

  • Lead by example; you can't force others to be a certain way, you can only lead.
  • There are only two options, success or excuses
  • Anybody can be a leader; leaders are trained
  • Practice is the key to success
  • Always be yourself and never try to change that
  • It takes more work to try and get out of work; just do it
The number of little situations and concepts taken from each story are endless in this book. It was such an eye opener to see how easy reaching your goals and success are. All that is required is a will to succeed no matter what, and knowing you don't need permission to get there.

Curious of my list of must reads? Here you go:
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"You don't have to ask permission to succeed!"

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