Thursday, April 30, 2009


My friends are going through this prositive mind recreation process and it's amazing to watch. I'm walking the same path but I've been taking it slower than them. There are no excuses so it's just something I need to work on and be more strict with myself. Even me writing this here is a big step, because it shows that I beleive in this and I want others to know what's happening. The biggest thing that I see for me is that it opens your eyes to how you can control you life. Right now I would dear to say 90% plus of the people in the world (including all you) are not in control of your life. I'm slowly but surely gaining more control everyday. When I feel I'm going to do something I either don't want to, think I can't, or know it's not good for me, I stop and say "I Control My Life" ... and I feel 100% better. It's simple things to like, fast food, junk food, going to the gym, sleeping in, ... and fear of trying. Yesterday I learned how to snowboard. At the start I was shaking and a little scared. I even thought about going in and grabbing some skis instead, but I said "I control my life", "I can do anything", and "I am awesome". After taking a moment to clear my mind and become clam I then just did it. I had a great time and I learned something new that I love (need a little more before I give up skiing though). We can all control our own lives. Take note of the different emotions you feel today, Joy, Happy, Proud, .... and think about the things that made you feel those. Then you can take those moments and recreate them to always feel those awesome emotions. That there is taking control of your personal state, and helping you come a step closer to controlling your life.

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