Thursday, May 7, 2009

Of Goal Reaching and Time, Time, Time

"The good news is that time management is a skill, and like any other skill, it is learnable." Brian Tracy

We cannot move through life using a trial-and-error method. We just do not have the time to try one solution to a problem and then another, in case the first one we try, fails. The crucial thing is that we have to be able to manage our time in order to solve problems or reach our goals. If you don’t know how to manage your time, don’t panic. You can learn it because it is a skill. How? There are actually several ways that you could do this.
For instance, your iPhone or Backberry would be a very helpful thing. It holds your schedule and a calendar of whatever it is that you have to do. Since you paid the money to purchase it, you might as well maximize its features. If you don’t have a smart phone, then use your calendar to note down your appointments and responsibilities. Put the calendar in a visible location. Regularly seeing it would remind you of the things that have to be done.
Also, get into the habit of prioritizing the things that are really important. Free your schedule of some of your trivial tasks such as being a couch potato for ten hours each day. Now, unless your couch is your goal, then free up your time for something else. Sure it is leisurely but the farthest you can get to with it is inside your house.
Finally, say no to people if you already have a full schedule at hand. It is difficult to refuse invitations for social events particularly when you can network with important people through them. However, if you already have two invitations for one date, one for lunch and the other for dinner, you might want to skip the third that might come your way. Or at least pick the one that would move you closer to your goal. Besides, graciously saying no won’t hurt you. It shows you have manner and you know your limitations. Imagine having to breeze through everything and not even being able to remember the names of the big people who are being introduced to you because you have to hurry from one event to another. What was the point of being in any of the events then?
Remember, to manage your time is a skill and to reach your goal because you are able to manage your time is mastery of that skill.

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