Monday, December 1, 2008

Where's your seat?

For most of us we know where we sit. Our seat is in a place we are familiar with and in a circle of comftable situations. For all of us we have this place where we can go to relax and not be scared if any unknowns.

Almost all of us have been forced at some point to step outside that circle and sit with people and things we don't know. And for the most part we pull through it and do an amazing job. We don't only do a great job but we grow. We expand our experience, strengthen out confidence and expand our knowledge.

Why is it that most of us choose to stay seated in the known and avoid the unknown? Most people spend their lives not trying to grow but only grow when forced to sit outside.

I feel that myself and the group people around me are always moving our seats around. We each force ourselves and each other to be in those uncomftable positions. The world is always changing and the only way we move forward is by changing with it. Sure we can all let the world push us to change but it's so much more fun being the one deciding the changes we want.

Where are you going sit to at today?

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Martin Mills said...

Great blog this morning!

Dan K said...

Interesting thought. The flip side is that people let you move your seat. As a consultant, I am lucky that I can move my seat frequently, but I know many people who would like to move their seat, but can't. Hopefully as ability to openly exchange ideas within an organization continues to grow, people with new ideas of the desire to contribute to others great ideas can help themselves move their seat.

@ZaggedEdge said...

To me, it depends how enthused I am to be sitting where I am--if i'm forced to be in accounting class, trust me I won't be front and center. But a two hour keynote with Seth Godin? Front and center for sure.

Now that I'm out of school, I'm making a conscious effort to "sit in the front seat of my life". Everyday I want to wake up and want to sit in the best position possible instead of drudging thru class or a boring 9-5.