Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Setting those goals

I'm in the process of setting some new goals for myself, my companies
and with others. While doing this with others I quickly saw how
understanding the purpose of a goal and how to create them is not
always common sense.

Setting goals is one the hardest things for me.

Your goal needs to be something that is just out of reach and almost out
of your control to maintain. This is not true for all goals you set
but it would be for a short term goal.

My friend was setting goals that are within their control and also
setting them as moving targets. By doing this you are always going to
win, but without truly pushing yourself. You win by hitting the ones
you know you can and by lowering your targets to what you actually
get. Short term gratification with no true personal growth is the

I told him the goal should be "goal" but to him it was reaching for an
outcome he had no control over so how could it be his goal. But that's
how you grow and push your limits, by making the impossible possible.
It forces you to look beyond your current skill set and build new
skills or reach out to others to help.

The beauty of having your goal outside of your comfort zone is that
even if you don't reach it, odds are you grew in the process and are
now more able to reach it next time.

You never loose when you try. But you have to try in order to win.

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