Monday, June 2, 2008

Good Assistants vs. Great Assistants

I have some friends looking into getting assistants to help them be more productive and have more time to grow their businesses. They are having a hard time finding that perfect assistant to fill the void.

Now one of my business partners and I are deep thinking into systems. Taking the principles taught from "e-myth" and "the fifth discipline" where you approach everything as a system that can be repeatable and documented. By doing things this way you can build the systems so you don't have to be there to make sure it keeps running.

Now lets look at what a good assistant can do and what a great assistant is going to do.

  • The good assistant is going to do the things they are shown to do and is going to go above and beyond to find extra work to keep themselves busy, while you feel so much is getting done and you are so much farther ahead.
  • The great assistant is not just going to do the work but they are going to systematize it so they are not only freeing you time but theirs also. Now you have not just yourself but your assistants time free to work on new items to help you grow that much faster.
The difference is the good assistant doesn't think systems and they fear that if they build that system they'll be working themselves out of a job. But the great assistant understands that by them freeing up their time they are opening more doors to help grow the business and contribute so much more to the job than just answer the phone, take notes and write some emails.

Imagine having a fully automated company, from email responses, writing letters, finding customers, to filling orders. That is how you and your team need to be thinking. Growing a business is not about adding more people to your team but about increasing revenue and cliental with what you have. The higher your revenue to employee is then better you and your company is doing.

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