Sunday, May 11, 2008

Business Talk

Before when I was working a dead end desk job I always dreamed of new ideas and ways to make money. The all women’s garage, the indoor climbing gym in Moncton, my high end café on the west side of Moncton, the online dating portal, … Then all I would do is talk endless about new adventures and different ways to possibly make a buck. Whenever I would get a great idea I would find people that either did the same thing or something similar to learn how they made it happen. I was always shocked at how many business people that run their own operations we’re closed lipped. It boggled me why they weren’t so excited that it wasn’t all they could talk about. I felt that if I made it I would be sharing it with everybody I meet, if they wanted to hear it or not.

As I ventured out on my own and began to grow my own businesses I found myself thinking more about the business rather than talking about it. To put it in perspective the belts alone are a heavy mental drain at times because of employee management and cash flow. In the run of a regular month we have two payrolls averaging $1800, rent at $2000, belt inventory at about $3,000 and buckles close to $12,000. That works out to be about $21,000 a month for one kiosk, we now have ten in total, so a lot of my time is spent making sure our company can withstand a monthly burn rate of about $210,000 (and that’s not during the Christmas timeframe). For me personally I have to manage three mortgagees, with three cable, water, power and property tax bills. My mind is constantly trying to keep it all straight while at the same time keep my stress free outlook on life.

Again from the words of Robert Kiyosaki, “mind you own business”. This means keep your mind on your money, business, and mission. It’s not the rude come back we all learned as kids, but a lesson for each person to learn about their personal finances. So because of all the business I have to mind, there is little mind share left to tell the experiences to new people.

The other reason people who become somewhat successful on their own and keep from sharing it everywhere, is because most people don’t get it. I look back at a few years when I was trying to think of a business everyday, and I realize at that time I never truly understood what it really takes. People it only takes the idea, but it’s so much more involved than just building that program, selling that product, or creating that service. Every business has that process side that needs to be created, followed and refined in order for the business to become the dream you want it to be.

I always get excited, but it’s something that is kept inside and shared with the people involved with my affairs. Don’t get me wrong if anybody ever stops me and wants to talk I’ll always let my tongue run wild, but it’s more I have to be asked to share rather than me just give it freely. I don't know a lot, but I'm learning everyday and from what I've done so far I think I'm actually doing a good job. Post your comments send me an im/email and let’s chat about what's going on to see if we can take some of those ideas and make them reality.

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