Sunday, May 4, 2008

Friendly Skies

Looks like I’ll be off on another adventure. Lately I’ve been in the skies more than ever, and it’s not as friendly as it once was. If you need to catch that plane odds are it’s going to be delayed. Four out of my last five flights have been delayed. It’s funny when a plane from Des Moines is delayed by two hours and when I arrive at Chicago the flight I was suppose to be on two hours prior is still there because it to was delayed, what are the odds? Good these days!

I don’t think it’s the heightened security causing the effect I think it’s the people traveling. They are trying to bring stuff on the plane they know is not allowed. When the new limitations took effect things were great because you couldn’t take anything, now with the changes people are unsure what’s allowed so they try everything and thus hold up the line. This whole thing causes a ripple effect which results in my ass sitting in a terminal waiting on a plane from somewhere else which is waiting for the lady in the check point. Don’t get me started on waiting for the guy at the bar who’s oblivious to the fact his plane is boarding while he sucks down another beer.

This week should be a fun one and let’s see how many delays I can get. I flew into Des Moines from Moncton two nights ago, I leave this Friday for Las Vegas (hey Rick the UFC is at the HardRock on Saturday night), I fly into Newark on Monday, then return to Des Moines on Wednesday , and finally go home to my family in Moncton on Friday. My flight status might hit Super Elite before this year is out, I already have Prestige and quickly closing in on Elite as we speak. I don’t know the big difference, expect I can skip lines and get some upgrades. My goals as of late are get as many free car and hotel points so I can start going on some free vacations.

Why I wrote this blog, because some jackass stole my gig memory stick out of my PSP while in O’Hare, Asshole. I was listening to music and I saved my game (stick as to be there for both of these), I sat down and played for a while then stood up and walked 5 feet to hear the announcement, when I got back I could no longer save games. The only reason for this would be 1) no space or 2) no stick. I assume no space because I knew I had a stick, wrong. Now this stick is not easy to get out, there is no way it can fall out. You have to open a flap, and then bend the flap back, and press on the stick. It’s like a digital camera, the shit doesn’t fall out. The Asshole who took it is smart because if he took the whole PSP I would of kick some ass until I found the idiot, but by taking the stick I never noticed until I was on the plane high in the sky. Anyway they just came out with a four gig stick and I picked it up last night at Best Buy. The worst part is all my saved games are lost, but with all this flying I can take the time do them all again.

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