Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Secret

I’ll preach about my favorite book of all times "Rich Dad Poor Dad" by Robert Kiyosaki. People read it and may think it's about real estate but that's far from what I took away from this awesome book. Before I read this book all I thought about was making more money to get that new toy, put more away, and somehow better my life. But thinking that making more money is going to change everything is so far from the truth, more money truly does mean more problems. As your salary increases so do you expenses.

The most powerful teaching in this book was to stop thinking "I can’t afford that", but to "How can I afford that". The power of the mind is so amazing. The moment you start to train yourself in to thinking how can I afford this, or how can I make this happen ... IT WILL HAPPEN!!!

I don't have a lot of money, and I especially never had a lot when I started to make the change. I thought how can I get a rental property, and I willed myself to make it happen. Then I used those lessons learned and found away to get the second one.

I going to say it, I think Dan is amazing at thinking this way. When Spheric was born I know he was thinking about how can we make this company into what we wanted. If he was thinking about all the things that needed to be done and how much effort, drive, and money was required odds are none of us would be reading this blog today. The power of wanting it and willing yourself and your surroundings to make something happen is the key to how and why the rich get rich and stay rich.

We are all doing great for selves at Spheric and there is no reason why each of us can’t be slowly moving ourselves closer to that ultimate dream “Financial Freedom”, the ability to only work because we want to. Robert gives the perfect definition of wealth. “How long somebody can be self dependent”. If you lost your job today, how long could you survive without any income. However long that is, that’s how wealthy you are today. When you have the ability to life indefinitely without that weekly salary, then my friends you have achieved true wealth and financial freedom.

Lets all think how can we make it happen, and we’ll all be truly rich in more ways than one.

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