Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Plain English to explain everyhting

I love these guys from Common Craft and how they make anything easy to understand. The web and technology is here to help us move forward and better our lives.
There are tons of great tools out there that we should all be using, but the hardest part is adoption to those tools. So thanks to companies like Common Craft they are creating videos that explain these tools in a way that anybody can understand them and then use them.
For the most part the tools on the web are becoming user friendly but it's the concepts behind them that hold people back. If you don't understand something or understand why it can help you then you are first scared of it and second not interested because it could just add clutter to your already full life.
The videos found here help explain why these tools can help make our lives a little less full and a little more productive.

Great job Common Craft and keep it up. Here's their simplified video on blogs.

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