Saturday, May 3, 2008

My Time

I want to write this blog to let people know where I stand with my time. I know it frustrates a lot of people that there are times when I’m completely unavailable, these times are not many but they do happen bi-weekly. When I’m onsite I can be reached via email, instant messenger when available, and always voice mail from my awesome number, more about in a sec. During the onsite nights I’m always free to chat, but again voice is always me calling you not visa versa. I’ll explain why and how this is going to be changed in the New Year. The times I’m not free to I make almost zero effort to be responsive is during my flying days because of connectivity and when I’m home with my family because “I’m home with my family”. When I’m home that is where I am and that is where my mind is. The only action I take while home is financial based, completing expenses, doing timesheets, submitting payroll, picking up or paying rent, any bank transactions required right away. This frustrates a lot of the people I deal with and I make no apologizes for it, family is #1 and that’s that.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way lets talk about and how awesome it is, especially now that they have a new pay program. For a low cost of $44/mth I have a 800 number with unlimited North America in/out calling, plus I have unlimited in/out fax, voice mail, find me at a million numbers, and if I feel like it I can hold conference calls. If you are a traveling consultant or business man a number has to be the #1 one thing on your Christmas list this year. One thing it provides is the ability to change you personal numbers because all you ever provide to people is your 800 number and you decide where that finds you. So to make the move form a crappy Canadian phone plan to a kick ass US plan doesn’t affect anybodies address books.

Why I’m going to be more reachable in the New Year … Verizon Wireless. They have a kick ass North American plan that reaches almost every part of Canada and all of the US. So for $100/mth I get 1400 minutes and the ability to call Moncton from Moncton with no long distance charges. Their coverage map is untouched by any competitor.

So to recap this lengthy blog let me make note of the lesson learned:

$44 + $100 Verizon = $144 to find me anywhere and I’ll answer.

I’ve had months where I’ve hit $500 for cell phone and I know Dan has surpassed that, but on this new setup the odds of topping it are slim to none. There are bigger plans for Verizon and you have the freedom to change it every month up or down. The other lesson .. when I’m home, don’t expect an answer until the following week.

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