Monday, May 5, 2008

Life Online, Google Docs, gMail, BaseCamp, Amazon s3, and the countless other online services each of use on a daily bases. I personally wouldn’t survive right now if I lost my or gMail. If these companies turned and forced me to pay, I honestly would have no choice but to pay.

How reliant have we become on these free online systems, placing all our data there, sharing, collaborating, back ups, communications, our entire lives. This setup is starting to scare me more and more each day. It really hits when I need to access my bank account and the only place I have the login info is in It would be such a hassle for me to loose that info and have to start making phone calls to recover it. Everything for the Belt Company is in, Google spreadsheets and BaseCamp. All the payroll, address, contacts, bank accounts, action items, you name it, it’s in there. The new POS system being built for the Belts is completely web based. The software and database is hosted on some server that I can’t even physical touch or see. If internet goes down then I’ll be blind to the company for that entire time, better yet I’ll be unable to make any sales.

It’s amazing how much these online services have taken over our lives and how dependent we are on them. I’m not as bad as most, but even at my knee deep level I’ve become completely vulnerable to any downtime. Have we all gone too far? Is relying on these online systems a good thing? Or are we going to regret it in the end? Please comment on this post, I think this topic is worth engaging.

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