Sunday, May 25, 2008

What Happened

My wife sent me an email a little while ago about how life use to be. We’re not that old but we remember leaving the house in the morning and not returning home until after dark. Our parents had no idea where we were going or what we were doing. We’d wear no seat belts, and ride in the back of pickups. The things we all did were endless, but what about today. I have two little girls and there is no way I’d let them go anywhere with out knowing exactly where they are and doing at all times. They can’t go play down the street, go in the back yard, or any basic little thing. I know she’s only four but when I was that age I was out the door and down the street with my friends all day. I remember waiting at the bus stop for his brother to get home from school so we could go play fort in the woods.

What has changed? Why have we become so protective? And is it justified? I think yes it is and yes we need to be. But why things have changed so much I don’t understand. Is it the exposure to so much information through TV and Web that as created so many predators and dangers in the world. I’m sure that these dangers have been around all the time but they are so much more main stream now. I honestly don’t have an end all theory for this one. I have out there ideas, but nothing that can let my mind say that’s a good reason. So please comment on this one and give your insight. I would love to let my kids grow up and enjoy the freedoms we all did as children but as the world is that dream is pretty much just that, a dream.

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Anonymous said...

Turn oFF your Negative TV and let your kids have fun.