Monday, May 26, 2008

RockStartUp and PayPerPost

I've been hooked on this website a friend showed me about this awesome startup that brings bloggers and advertisers together. The basic concept behind the site is to do what I do best which is write my awesome wordy blogs and get paid for it. If I write about certain things that I think are cool and are on PayPerPost then I get paid for them. is a full video journal of the startup process of PayPerPost. Since I'm a blogger, business person and I live online I'm fascinated by the amount of insight and knowledge I've learned from watching the show. And at the same time I've got to learn about this great site where I can get paid to blog about the things I blog about regardless, while getting paid for it. One of the coolest things I’ve learned from this is how much using PayPerPost can help you promote your own blog and draw traffic to your site.
If you have your own blog then sign up for PayPerPost, if you don't then get one and sign up for PayPerPost ... LOL ... I guess you can tell I love this service and I think it's an awesome way to make a little extra on the side and also spread the word of your own blog.

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