Monday, May 12, 2008

Story of Stuff

Video: Story of Stuff

I just got a link to this awesome video from a friend and it blew me away. Along with trying to be successful and reach your goals it's important to understand the results of our actions. Everybody is responsible for the effects they have on the environment. Along, with physical waste and harming nature we also need to be consciouses of the emotional effects we have on others. Running a business doesn't mean "make as much as we can at all costs". I believe that running a truly successful business is so much more. It's about crating employment, making others feel good about themselves and helping them reach their goals. A business needs to help the environment we all live in and keep it clean for years to come. Through taking care of each other and the place we all live then the economic advantages will show themselves. We each need to align our priorities and concentrate our focus on, "wanting the things we already have."

Video: Story of Stuff

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