Thursday, May 8, 2008

Only three email folders

I was trapped in my endless gmail labels and there was no end in sight. I would make a label for each person, company, contract, .... and so on. It was taking me longer to file something than it was to read it. A friend sent me this link talking about the trusted trio and so far so good. I did add one other folder called Reference for those links to books, websites and other juicy info I'd like to keep around.

For those action items I need to have with me I found this cool notes app to sync with my iPhone. So I place all my action items in my notes in a GTD style, @home, @computer ... and so on. I'm going on day three and so far it feels like a weight lifted so far. I think this system is key and once I hammer out my note tasks list it's going to be heaven.

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