Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Who's fault is it?

As leaders in a company or in anything we always tend to blame others when things go wrong. IF you take the time to look back over those incidents it's evident that when a employee or teammate fails to complete a task as we set out for them, that the fault lays with the leader or person in charge. Leaders have to clearly state their expectations and their desired results. If the steps to reach the results are important then those steps need to be clearly defined. Anytime you feel you were failed by a team member take a moment to review how you tried to engage them in the activity, how you communicated what you were looking for. I assure you that for the majority of the time it's easy to see that you received the results you communicated, not the ones you imagined in your mind. Being a great leader means being a great communicator and it also means being able to take the blame when things don't go as planned. Are you big enough to recognize when you do something wrong?

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