Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Continuous Innovation

I just got a link to this awesome site that is inline with the way I see the future of business. Growth, change, innovation and the unknown are all possible through people and their ideas. The below chart shows how the flow of ideas can help solve problems, build culture , improve processes and increase knowledge base. All of these are the building blocks for success and embracing change.I just finished reading "The Future of Work" and in the last chapter and the most important on on cultivating a company, he places a ton of importance on ideas and the idea process. He puts four rules that every company needs to follow for their idea creation process:

1. No criticism, evaluation, or judgment is allowed during idea generation.
2. No idea is too "crazy" to mention.
3. The quantity of ideas is more important than the quality.
4. Piggybacking on other people's ideas is encouraged.

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