Friday, May 30, 2008

When it piles up

What a crazy week for expenses. The microwave went so there was $300, I needed the lawn done and there goes $800. My wife decided that the kids needed a trampoline so there goes $400, I got a ticket for my Jeep inspection and that was $200, so to make sure that didn't happen again I brought the Jeep in and paid another $400. Just when you think that was enough I found out my bank wasn't paying my property tax so there goes $4000.

A $6000 week!!!

But want can you do? Is there any point in me getting upset? ... NO!

When things like this pile up and you feel there is no end, just think about how great it's going to be to have it all done and taken care of. If you just focused on all the bad things and "what else can happen", then something else is going to happen. So the best thing for people to do is suck it up, and focus on the greener pasture ahead. After all this I know that my Jeep is good for another year, my bank is now taking that little extra each month for the property tax, I have a 4 year warranty on my new microwave, and I get to spend time making a garden with my kids.

There is always a bright side no matter how dark the sky gets. That makes me think of something my grandmother said to me before. We're from St. John's, Newfoundland where the weather is crap, and she told me once that "having so much bad weather just makes you appreciate the nice days that much more". Those my friends are words to live by.

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Anonymous said...

Jeeps suck get a hybrid

Foster said...

To comment on that, this is my fourth Jeep and I'm yet to have any issues. The only reason for cost this time was my wife broke the hand break and I needed new brake shoes. As for the gas, I've been driving one for 15 years and it is what it is ;)