Friday, May 9, 2008

Future Business

I made an observation a couple years back about how our world is going to change a little. My insights were about how we’re going to see a shift in the world to more of a free set, laid back and just plain fun outlook. With so many people becoming rich at such a young age and the baby boomers starting to retire, it’s only a matter of years before the effects are in full effect.

As corporate America was growing it was happening in an age where parents were strict and children respected their elders. Rules were put in place and they were followed. They were followed so well that those children grew up to be exactly like their parents. Thus, business was run in this manner, money was spent on items that were important and necessary, and everybody followed the same line.

Sure the 60’s changed a lot of that, but not to the extent that is coming and is already started. Remember a CEO in big business is not a young pup, so during the 60’s they were following the rules to get ahead and they are only now entering their last stretch. The baby boomers that were straight laced are going into retirement and who’s left to run this world … the lost children of the 80’s, the rebellious teens of the 90’s and the care free youth of the new millennium.

Another reason this process is speeding up is because of how we glorify our heroes, stars, and just plain normal Joes. So many young athletes go straight from high school to the pros. Boom, instant millionaire. Young bands signing massive contracts. Bam, instant millionaires. Some talented teenage webmaster finds a niche and gets bought out. Whack, instant millionaire. Win a game show. Smack, instant millionaire. And what happens? These kids are thrown into a situation where they never have to grow up. And why would they? All the richest they’ll ever need. So these are the people that are breaking the rules, changing the way we spend money, and our outlooks on life.

I’m not complaining, I’m happier than most about this new movement. I’m sitting here with an over caffeinated drink, punk rock blasting in my ears, and my psp ready to hit the ‘can’. I want the mold the break, I want to wear my kicks and jeans in the office. I want to hear rap and punk on the intercom. Give me MTV on the TV in the lunch room. Screw it, throw in a couple of ping pong tables, playstations and a hot tub. Now that’s the corporate America we have to look forward to and I for one can’t wait.

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Well what i think the next age will be extremely based on web and the business which are not yet on suck things will also come up.